Trump Dramatically Ramping *Up* Military Interventions

by axolotl_peyotl

Jimmy Dore is one of the only journalists today with a shred of integrity (and we have to go to the sh*thole of youtube to access his content).

In this video, Abby Martin dispels the notion that Trump is 100% anti-war and anti-interventionist by pointing out how most of the troops being “withdrawn” from Syria were put there by Trump and not Obama.

In addition, the immoral and illegal drone activity has risen dramatically under Trump, which is the wet dream of the genocidal military industrial complex.

If these concerns are valid, then it’s more evidence that Trump is merely a pawn of TPTB and their arm the military industrial complex.

As they successfully whip up the population into a frenzy with Russophobia and Trump Derangement Syndrome, business is continuing as usual for the criminal elite.

Just how Obama distracted the population with “hope,” Trump is distracting the population with “hatred,” and we continue to descend further into tyranny.