Trump Firing EVERY Top Official at DoJ & FBI?

by Thinker

What information has been shared with President Trump by FBI agent Richard Taus who has been locked away in the Clinton Federal Prison for over two decades. A decorated Vietnam Veteran, father, and to the book FBI agent. He swore a oath to his nation and no different than Jesus on the cross, he has suffered trying to protect the American people. If the testimony of Richard Taus is recorded by the Trump administration, and he is released from prison, Americans will know that truth can set you free.

How much has been shared between the president and Taus about the CIA Iran Contra Affair and the judge going after people on Trumps campaign?

The Richard Taus Case FBI, CIA, the Mob, and Treachery

Richard Taus was a top investigator in the New York FBI’s Counter-intelligence Division. In 1991, he was sentenced to a record breaking 32 to 90 years for questionable charges of pedophilia. Supporters claim he was railroaded for doggedly investigating a CIA-linked operation involved in narcotics, Iran/Contra and the mafia. There is more to the Richard Taus case than meets the eye. Some believe he was asking a lot of questions and wasn’t listening to the right people. According to Taus, while he was serving in Vietnam and as a special FBI agent, he witnessed CIA involvement in criminal activities, namely that of transporting illegal drugs.


When he reported what he saw to his FBI superiors, he was told to turn a blind eye. But Taus couldn’t and he persisted in getting the truth out. His letters to FBI chief William Sessions and to congress about the criminal activities he discovered required that he be silenced or discredited. Ultimately, criminal charges were brought against him in alleging sexual misconduct with several young boys who were members of the Freeport Soccer Club. During the trial,according to Taus, Judge Baker refused to allow evidence to be presented showing how the boys who made the charges had first denied that there were any sexual violations.

Judge Baker also refused to allow testimony showing that the boys had been earlier charged with criminal offenses and that the charges were dropped after the boys had testified as the prosecutors wanted them to do. Also that the boys were themselves threatened with incarceration if they did not testify as the prosecutors wanted them to do.

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There were other major judicial violations that denied Taus a fair trial. And:…hard-taus/

Those that should be in jail aren’t, and many who are in jail should be FREE!


National Sentinel) Deep State: When former President Barack Obama said he wanted to “fundamentally transform” America, who could have known at the time that would include the Justice Department and the FBI? The nation’s top law enforcement agencies have been so corrupted and so politicized by the 44th president that the Congress which created both has completely lost all oversight. Case in point: House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes, R-Calif., can’t even get a classified document from the Justice Department, despite having subpoenaed the information, because Attorney General Jeff Sessions refuses to turn it over, citing ‘national security’ concerns.

And while Nunes can’t get a document he’s been cleared by the intelligence community to read, the Washington Post knows more about what’s going on that he does.

As reported by The Daily Caller:…d-the-fbi/


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