Trump Has “Deep State” In Panic With Mattis Out…Mainstream Media Literally Crying?

by Thinker

Was it Trump’s choice to put a non-military man to fill the shoes of Mattis??? Who put a non-military man in a position that might require them to assume dealing with the Armed Forces?


Face the Nation: Who will replace General Mattis as Secretary of Defense?

Out of the four reporters, one seemed to want to break down and cry…did he get a “WHITE ENVELOPE” or lose his job? Can you spot the one who is holding back the tears?

PBS NewsHour:
The continuation and attack on the decisions of Donald Trump is showing those who stand for war and not peace, division and not unity, hatred over kindness. Every time an individual, star, singer, organization, or media outlet that puts the POTUS down and not support him, need to have their lives, actions, and past looked at closer than most. What they have to hide keeps them attacking and calling for the impeachment, and removeal of the president, that always continues to call for the “TRUTH.” Who complains with the course and directions Donald Trump is going…Former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and the president of the Council on Foreign, all with history that speaks for itself. Richard Haass, join Judy Woodruff

CNN Calling Out Anti-Trump/Truth??? – Former defense secretaries: Trump’s unfit

History of rape in the military speaks for itself, and those who passed the Obama litmus test and those who didn’t!!! How many of the military personnel that are active and retired that were purged by Obama are speaking out about Donald Trump??? What should be talked about is the man that fills the slot, who should have been someone from the military for just this very cause!!! Why is a corporate man sitting in the number two spot for the Secretary of Defense???

No one complaining about that!

If the right person would have been sitting in the number two position, this article and the Trump bashing wouldn’t be happening. Who wants war for profits??? Who wants to keep documents of “TRUTH” secret??? Who wants to continue the march for a “new world order???” Those who speak out against Donald Trump, and go against every thing that MAGA stands for. Donald Trump is making those who call themselves politicians, and leaders can’t stand the fact that Trump has no military background and his family wasn’t in politics. Trump is on the same track as Gaddafi was before Obama murdered him. Changing a nation and the world to make it great!!! Who won’t support that??? Those who don’t support the POTUS!

Americans waking up to “TRUTH” and mainstream media dividing the nation forgetting its name…UNITED STATES!