Trump Has “Passed The Test” with TWO Republican Victories In North Carolina


Republican Victory In North Carolina Good News For Trump 2020 Reelection, But Democrats Making Gains.

In a replacement election and a ‘do over’ two republicans won congressional districts. One easily defeated the Democratic contender while the other was narrow.

In a narrow victory Dan Bishop won a do over election. While this is good news and considered to be Trump “passing a test” on whether he is going to do well in 2020, it was still ten points down from his lead in 2016.

Democrats may be making gains, at least on the surface. But there may be another reason for the major drop in republican party support, Trump’s base.

Many voters came out in 2016 not to support the GOP but to support Trump himself. Democrats may noit actually have a strong lead at all, it may just be that Trump voters don’t show up for anyone else. This means come 2020 Trump’s base will check R across the board and sweep the house. While far left Democrats are causing a rift in the party moderates are feeling pushed away by the encroaching ideology and policies presented by 2020 Democrats. This may spell victory for Trump in 2020. At the very least the GOP held its own and its good news for republicans all around.