Trump Heading to California, Doing His Own Investigations Into Accusations Fires DEW?

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by Thinker

Is California home to a rouge fire terrorist group who have infiltrated the military industrial complex, or are the military commanders Obama didn’t purge raining havoc on Americans, Vetrans, and life in the U.S.??? Anyone who is not watching and viewing the photos and videos of the California fires that seem to happen in times of turmoil or for another agenda in the world of corruption from the “deep state” who ruled for decades and lost to Donald Trump in the 2016 elections. How can fires burn some things and then only a few feet away leaves not even wilted on the trees, like on the side of Miley Cyrus’s home.…s-8137227/

Look at the pictures and its clear, that the fires in California were set and not coming from mother nature, but the same group who did 9/11. They won’t go down without a fight!!!
Americans and Veterans are on a full alert for terrorists who call themselves citizens and soldiers for the darkside!!!

Playground melted and the plastic slide remains???

Gargage and car melted, but the two-by-fours not even scorched???

All the metal burned in the house, but the stove remained in tact???

Rims of tires melted from intense heat turning to liquid…DEW???…dfire.html

Flashback December 2017: WEATHER WARFARE: Globalists Order Geoengineers to “Shock & Awe” America with Superstorms

Ultimate False Flag Operation – Blaming Mother Nature for Terror Attacks – Using Weather Weapons of Mass Destruction

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With the exception of the false flag terror attacks staged on September 11, 2001, government-sponsored acts of weather warfare and environmental terrorism are exceedingly more deadly and destructive.

Consider that the current estimate for the damage caused to the Texas alone is already estimated to be $180 billion due to Hurricane Harvey. Opportunities for disaster capitalism have always played a significant part in the decision process to wage weather warfare. Similarly, predatory capitalism has frequently driven the decisions to perpetrate egregious acts of environmental terrorism (e.g. BP Gulf oil spill)

Hurricane Harvey Damages Could Cost up to $180 Billion

Now that everyone knows that HARVEY was steered into Texas coastline, it’s generally understood that IRMA will likewise be directed to a specific target… … …still unknown! That the national conversation has shifted so quickly to manmade superstorms is a HUGE happening. For only when a critical mass of Americans realize that these superstorms are geoengineered from substantially smaller storms which naturally form during hurricane season, will the awareness be sufficiently raised to terminate them altogether.
When Shock & Awe is geoengineered

The weather weaponry that was utilized to geoengineer and steer HARVEY into Texas is really very simple. The state of the art of geoengineering technology is quite advanced; much more than the taxpayers have been told. While chemical geoengineering has been conducted for several decades, the capacity to carry out chemtrail operations has seen a dramatic increase since 9/11. Likewise, the requisite HAARP technology has been refined considerably in the past 10 years.

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What’s the critical point: the NWO globalists can manufacture a storm, ramp it up to cataclysmic superstorm magnitude, and aim it practically anywhere they so desire. Not only that, but they can play with its direction, speed and rain-making capability by pressing the necessary buttons. They did just this in the case of:

For those who would commit acts of terror on innocent people, may our “Creator” have mercy on your soul. The latest fires in California are now waking the American people up to the crimes against humanity by those who want to impeach the president of the United States Donald Trump, who is tracking them down. Failed investigations have left the people of the U.S. vulnerable to those who have sold their souls for a dollar, new house, and car. If you see something…say something…they call themselves Americans, but they work for satan!!!

The POTUS has been watching the California fires for years and has been speaking out and if you didn’t believe what he had to say before, time to wakeup and see what Donald Trump is saying today about the fires of California.…a_&ia=news


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