TRUMP IS RIGHT: Christian Refugee Returns to Syria Because Europe is Flooded With ISIS Supporters

America can learn so much from what’s happened in Europe with the mass invasion of immigrants. The video below is a first-hand look at what’s happening to Christian refugees who left their home country for safety in Europe only to have the same terrorists who were persecuting them settle there too!

From Voice of Europe:
Spiro Haddad is a Christian refugee who returned to Syria from Austria. In an interview with a German TV broadcaster in Syria, he tells how his life was in danger in Austria and why he made the decision to return.
At first he wanted to stay there, but he changed his mind after he saw how many refugees pledged to terrorist groups like Al-Nusra and ISIS. As a Christian he didn’t feel safe among them in Austria and he had to keep his faith a secret or it could cost him his life.
Haddad says extremists wanted to change churches into mosques and he had to talk like them to survive.
After he contacted the Austrian authorities about it, they didn’t take him seriously. That was the moment he decided to leave and now he lives in Syria again.
Haddad warns Europe and says “it’s not good that Europe is open to all”.
“ISIS and Al-Nusra want to destroy everything, even with you. If you do not understand that, I’m pessimistic for the future of Europe,” he says.

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