Trump Orders the DOJ and the FBI to Look Into the Illegal Spying Operation Conducted Against Him and His 2016 Election Campaign

by Chris Black

This is the mother of all stories: President Trump is now calling the Department of Justice and the FBI to investigate the biggest scandal in American political history, which in the POTUS’ view is bigger than Watergate. Whatever you want to call it: CIA-Gate, FBI-Gate, Brannon-Gate,  we now know the name of the spy planted by the CIA and the FBI to infiltrate the Trump campaign , as it has been officially confirmed over the weekend: the mole is none other than Stefan Halper, currently a Cambridge University professor and a Swamp regular so to speak, i.e. a longtime aide for establishment politicians in DC, as he served in three Republican administrations He’s a rabid never-Trumper, and he openly said he voted for Hillary in 2016.

Stefan Halper is known for having extremely close ties with both the CIA and the MI6 (Britain’s version of the CIA), and he’s in particular very close with a former boss of MI6.

Here’s from the New York Post:

“Halper made his first overture when he met with Page at a British symposium. The two remained in regular contact for more than a year, meeting at Halper’s Virginia farm and in Washington, DC, as well as exchanging emails. The professor met with Trump campaign co-chair Sam Clovis in late August, offering his services as a foreign-policy adviser, The Washington Post reported Friday, without naming the academic. Days later, Halper contacted Papadopoulos by e-mail. The professor offered the young and inexperienced campaign aide $3,000 and an all-expenses-paid trip to London, ostensibly to write a paper about energy in the eastern Mediterranean region.”

This scandal is getting so big, President Trump has now officially requested and ordered his own DOJ and FBI to launch an investigation into this snafu, and this is where it’s going to lead: to the former CIA chief John Brennan.

To me, it’s crystal clear that the greatest scandal in US political history was conducted during the 2016 election cycle, and the more we find out, the more we realize how corrupt, rotten and really evil the Deep State has become under Obama. They’re basically out of control. So here’s the deal: former CIA director John Brennan, who by the way perjured himself, claiming that he never knew anything about the Steele dossier, it now turns out he was pimping out the so-called dossier throughout the intelligence community and leaking it to the media. So he’s in big trouble as we speak. You know, Brennan, that old creepy dude who likes to threaten people on TV and on Twitter.

John Brennan is getting now a criminal lawyer, and I am 100% sure he’s under investigation and he may end up going to jail. Comey is also in trouble, together with Andrew McCabe and  the FBI love birds Peter Sztrok&Lisa Page, not to mention Loretta Lynch, Obama’s AG, who has a lot to answer for. We know that Brennan along with Comey ordered FBI agents to recruit Stefan Halper, which they did, to infiltrate the Trump campaign. According to multiple media reports, Halper reached out first to Carter Page, pretending to be his friend, and trying to get as much intel from him as possible regarding the so-called Russia collusion; he then moved on to George Papadopoulos. The key in this cheap spy-thriller is Papadopoulos, a low-level volunteer campaign aide, the coffee boy so to speak, but his job was to provide some advice in foreign policy matters; among a big team of foreign policy advisers, he was on the lower run. It now appears that Stefan Halper recruited Papadopoulos to meet with him in London, to try to find out information about whether Trump was colluding with the Russians and whether the Russians had infiltrated the Trump campaign.

He lured him with a promise of $3,000 and a paid trip to London,  whereby he said: I want your analysis on energy issues in Turkey, Israel and Cyprus. That was just a front, obviously. Halper brought with him a very attractive Turkish assistant,  Azra Turk respectively, playing Papadopoulos with drinks, constantly taking him out to dinner and all that. Naturally, the broad was flirting with Papadopoulos the whole time, insinuating she’ll have sex with him if he’d just give out the intel on the alleged Russia collusion. Papadopoulos had nothing to give unfortunately, but they were trying to entrap him and Carter Page, together with Trump campaign co-chairman Sam Clovis, secretly recording them to see if they can make the case for Trump colluding with the Russians and all that nonsense.

Now, why is all of this so important? Two reasons: the timeline is everything: under oath, Brennan, Clapper and Comey, all of them said the FBI officially began the investigation on Trump after they found out from the Aussies about Papadopoulos (he was drunk when he spewed the beans to the Aussies, you cannot make this up), who claimed the Trump campaign was working with the Russians (this was the cover story basically). The Australians then tipped off the FBI, and that’s how the FBI started to investigate the Trump campaign. That was their initial story, then they began to look into Carter Page, Papadopoulos, Roger Stone, Trump and his family, everybody. The problem is, Stefan Halper reached out to Papadopoulos way before that drunken meeting in London, and the same goes for Carter Page. That means, under oath, they lied about when they started to investigate President Trump . The origins of spying on Trump began much earlier than Papadopoulos. That means they were engaged in a clear covert-op to bring down this President.

Why is this bigger than Watergate? If you look at Watergate, the big crime was a 3rd rate burglary of the DNC, so it was considered spying on a rival campaign, a high crime and misdemeanor. In our case, is a massive spying campaign using human intelligence informants (Halper and others) to not just spy on a rival campaign and a rival presidential candidate, but this was sanctioned by Obama’s DOJ, CIA and FBI, in collusion with Hillary Clinton and the DNC. This is banana republic stuff. These are the actions of an authoritarian dictatorship violating the US Constitution, civil liberties, checks and balances etc. They were openly seeking to bring down a rival presidential candidate and a rival campaign using America’s intelligence community. Now, Trump has issued a tweet, where he has told Jeff Sessions: this must be investigated, because of the nature and seriousness of these crimes.

The Deep State via John Brennan issued this threat in response to the POTUS’ request to investigate the scandal (via Twitter) : “If Mr. Trump continues along this disastrous path (demanding an investigation that is) you will bear major responsibility for the harm done to our democracy. You do a great disservice to our nation and to the Republican party if you continue to enable Mr. Trump’s self serving actions.”

Brennan is basically threatening McConell, Ryan and the rest of the RINOs openly. We don’t know what he’s got on them, but he’s saying: you investigate me and my buddies, and we’re going to take you all down. The deep state has declared war on President Trump, who’s trying to expose them. The game is on. Are you not entertained?

For a bureaucrat spymaster to threaten congressional leaders is totally unacceptable in any representative government. For a has-been like Brennan to threaten in such a manner, is just pathetic and a sign of total desperation. The Deep State can only operate in secrecy. So he is just flailing about as their dirty tricks get exposed for all to see.

PS: have you noticed how Comey has gone very quiet all of a sudden? Looks to me like Brennan is about to hang himself or shoot his brains out or overdose.

It’s absolutely amazing how President Trump knows and speaks the truth weeks or months before it comes out. The pattern is predictable. POTUS says “Trump Tower was wiretapped.” The Goebbels Media all blasted him as paranoid and a liar for attacking our patriotic institutions that keep us safe(TM). Things are now starting to leak out. Apex predator!  They have underestimated President Trump!


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