The White House Is Preparing For Donald Trump To Declare A National Emergency

The massive amount of aliens who unlawfully enter the United States each day is a direct threat to the safety and security of our nation and constitutes a national emergency,” a draft of a proclamation reads.

“Now, therefore, I, Donald J. Trump, by the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including the National Emergencies Act (50 US C 1601, et seq.), hereby declare that a national emergency exists at the southern border of the United States,” it adds.

Exclusive: White House preparing draft national emergency order, has identified $7 billion for wall

Unbelievable, the democrat, and mainstream news media behavior nowadays. Its like treason is their despicable norm, and “anything” goes to advance socialist-communist causes with these two groups. Like unprotected, wide open borders so democrats can change the faces of the voters to fit their communist plans for this nations new government! The American people are going to have to rise up and take back our country from traitors, from communist, from socialist, and other hard core radicals embedded within our Federal Government, including elected ones! We do this, or lose the country!  Its just plain gone too far left for us to return to former greatness! I don’t want us going the same way as Russia did in 1917 times.