Trump Ripping Through Europe like a Truth-Telling Typhoon

Trump’s warning to England & Europe – you’re losing your culture:

  • President Trump said that mass migration has changed Europe in a negative way
  • It comes after continent’s migration crisis made headlines once again this year
  • The president warned Europe: ‘I think you are losing your culture. Look around’

Trump criticizes soft Brexit plan:

  • Trump said the PM has ignored his advice on Brexit negotiations, explaining: ‘I would have done it differently’
  • Sources close to president earlier warned lucrative transatlantic trade deal cannot happen with a soft Brexit 
  • It comes after May used a lavish welcome dinner for Trump at Blenheim Palace to press her case for a deal

How long has it been since the truth has been told in no uncertain terms???

Took Trump to do it.


Muslim London Mayor tries to deflect Trump’s criticism he’s been doing a terrible job:

Trump’s well & truly got his number too.

Check the reader comments in the above articles, which are at the bottom of each piece.

The majority of the people living in the UK clearly agree with Trump


h/t DeathRattle