Trump Says Big Spike To The Stock Market Coming As Soon As China Trade Deal Is Done

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from Zero Hedge

As markets sink further into the red during what will likely become their worst week of the year, more skeptical reports about the likelihood of a deal have emerged.

On the heels of a report that a tentative summit with President Xi had been pushed backthe Financial Times returned with comments from a senior administration official, who reiterated that the President would “walk away” from a bad deal. In comments during a conference on Friday, Williams acknowledged that negotiations “aren’t exactly where we need to be.”

A senior White House official said president Donald Trump was prepared to “walk away” from a “bad” trade deal with China, stressing that there is “work left to be done” in the negotiations before an agreement can be finalised.


Clete Willems, the deputy director of Mr Trump’s National Economic Council, said at a conference at Georgetown Law School on Friday that the US administration was “cautiously trying to remain optimistic” about the prospects for a deal, and negotiations were continuing in “good faith”. But Mr Willems said there were still issues of “substance” that needed to be thrashed out and said it would be inaccurate to presume that Mr Trump would settle for a weak agreement. “We aren’t exactly where we need to be,” he said.

Around the same time, President Trump once again offered an optimistic take on the talks, saying we would see “a very big spike” in markets if the deal gets done. While Trump hedged, saying he wouldn’t hesitate to walk away from a bad deal, he told reporters he was “confident” a good deal would get done.

As @Northmantrader put it, this was the president’s message to markets following this morning’s abysmal jobs number.

Though, when it comes to this morning’s jobs report, Trump was more focused on the details than the headline.

However, when it comes to the market’s response to the trade deal, it looks like that “big spike” might have happened already.

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