Trump signed a new bill to reform the IRS

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Yesterday at exactly 4:17 EDT the Don signed a new bill reforming the mafia I mean the IRS lolol.The bill stops the IRS from taking money from US citizens and giving it to the queen of England and the Vatican. Bill 3151 actually abolishes the IRS officially.The new tax system goes into effect on 1/1/2020 and switches to a value tax system.I know your asking what the hell is that.Well the US treasury will be collecting taxes for all new products such as cars,homes,clothes,etc.except food and medicine.Thus ,if you buy a used car,home,clothes,etc. no taxes bingo. The numbers I have been hearing are somewhere between 14 to 23 percent.This will be the money that will be used to run the country.Because in the pass,our money wasn’t going to run the country but to give to that old hag in England and the old perps in the Vatican.




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