Trump: SOTU Summary

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Trump: SOTU Summary
Accomplishments: Cruel Obamacare Mandate Tax, GONE. Tax Reform, DONE. FIRST 24K by married couple is TAX FREE. Millions of Americans will have more take home pay starting February. (Democrats not applauding). Business tax rate, CUT. The Stock Market and Economy speak for themselves.
American Spirit: Under this Administration, “We” can achieve anything.
Patriotism: Our Military deserves our unwavering support.
Veterans: They will have a choice in their Health care decisions. There is now a VA Accountability Act. Over 1000 VA employees have been fired.
Deregulation: The War on Energy and Coal is over. We are now an exporter of energy.
Industry: Motor City is coming back. Toyota, Mazda and more.
Healthcare: More Generics are coming. Terminal patients should have immediate access to experimental treatments, the right to try.
Trade: Our prosperity will not be sacrificed anymore with unfair trade deals. It will be fair and reciprocal.
Infrastructure: He is going to make sure we Got ‘er done!
Childcare: Our children will be safe. We will go from welfare to work. We will invest in workforce training.
Prison Reform: We will help those who have served their time get a second chance at life.
Immigration: 30 years of failure ends now. Secure Border (Wall). 1.8 million DACAs get a path to citizenship. Ends Catch and Release. No more Visa Lottery. No more Chain Migration.
Crime: It will be death with.
America First: We do more to help others around the world than any other country. But now, we will help OUR children and families, no matter race or creed, FIRST.
Unity: He’s asking Democrats and Republicans to stop the division.
Gang Violence: It will be dealt with.
Opiods: This drug war will treat users, punish dealers.
Military: An unmatched military brings peace. Includes nuclear buildup.
ISIS: Near 100% liberation for territories they held. The fight will continue. SS Peck honored.
Terrorism: They are not only criminals, but unlawful enemy combatants. We will not release anymore to fight us again. Gitmo will stay open. There are new rules of engagement, no artificial timelines and no plan announcement.
Israel: Recognized as Capitol.
Foreign Aid: Only to friends.
IRAN: America stands with the people. Fix Nuclear Deal.
North Korea: Will be dealt with. Complacency of previous administrations is over. Oppressive regimes like Venezuela will be called out. Mr. Ho was honored. He is the American version of Harriet Tubman.
Freedom: I say this, not Trump, Read your history.
American Values: We work, defend our flag, raise our children, but above all us, We are Americans. This Country was dreamed, built and will be Made Great Again, by Americans. We must have faith in our values.
Trump, “God Bless America.”
…..Yes, he said God.
Note: These aren’t just words that sound good. You actually see it happening.
Trump State of the Union Address 2018 – Full Speech

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5 thoughts on “Trump: SOTU Summary

  1. He’s wrong about Iran, North Korea (not our enemies), Israel (very much our enemy), and ISIS (how about just stopping to fund them? The rest will happen automatically).
    He’s mostly right about domestic issues – but of course that won’t prevent the NeverTrumpers from screaming he’s a Nazi racist for using the words “chain migration”, saying we’re all going to die because of “global warming” or saying he’s calling for unity while at the same time being a Nazi racist misogynist fascist who can’t be worked with. (I predict we’ll see them focus on exactly those points).
    The problem domestically is not so much what he’s saying or doing, but what he’s NOT talking about and NOT doing:
    – Where is any attempt to deal with election fraud, urgently needed if he doesn’t want to blocked from getting anything done after the midterms? Unless vote rigging is stopped, we’ll see a NeverTrump landslide in the midterms. They won’t make the same mistake (not stealing enough votes) twice.
    – Where is any attempt to deal with fake news, such as restoring the fairness doctrine and the “news can’t be for profit” rule Clinton kicked out in 1996?
    – Where is any attempt to truly drain the swamp? Still waiting for “lock her (and Comey. And the Bushs. And Cheney. And McCain. And Graham. And Obomber. And many others…) up” to come closer to reality…

      • I think the wall will be built, he hasn’t backtracked on that much — and besides, I don’t think it’s the most important project out there.
        Maybe I’m underestimating its importance because I’m out in nowhere and we hardly ever see any new people moving here (regardless of whether it’s Americans, legal immigrants or illegal immigrants).
        Personally I’d rather put most of the money designated to go into the wall into fixing up the infrastructure (would be nice to get FTTH even in areas like mine) — but like I said maybe I’m underestimating the problem because I’m not where the problems are.

        • they all know the wall is the keystone for maga.
          the roads and bridges to and from MEXICO are the only safe ones LEFT!!

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