Trump Still Talks Of Coronavirus Like It’s No Big Deal, Says “3.4% [death rate] Is A False Number…The Number Is WAY UNDER 1%”

(Silver Doctors Editors) You can’t sugar coat this news at all.

This is a total dis-service to the American people at best, and it’s intentional deception with the intent to kill Americans at worst.

President Trump was on Fox News Wednesday evening (March 4th) to discuss a number of things, including the coronavirus, where he continued to extremely downplay the situation.

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Coronavirus discussion in the interview includes Trump cherry picking data, telling lies as facts, disputing known facts, and flat-out saying things that will likely result in the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans, at least, as he continues to talk about the coronavirus as if it is no big deal.

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Here’s the entire interview, conveniently started at one of the most atrocious lies of all where he says the death rate is “way under 1%”:


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