Trump Supporters Bail From Facebook, Twitter – Seeking Integrity & Truth!

by Thinker

WASHINGTON. Continuing our previous discussion of corporate virtue-signaling and anti-First Amendment censorship, here’s a verifiable fact. Substantial numbers of Trump supporters, bedrock conservatives and variously-flavored Republicans are bailing on both Facebook (symbol: FB) and Twitter (TWTR). That is, if they haven’t already been shadow-banned or terminated. That’s hardly likely to help both companies’ Q3 subscriber numbers.

Ditto for Google/Alphabet’s [GOOG and GOOGL] YouTube. That popular video site has gone on a tear recently, ruthlessly demonetizing any site that’s even a tad to the right of the Stalinist left.)
Social network site discrimination against Trump supporters

This discrimination and demonitization campaign against Trump supporters and fellow travelers — weirdly similar to the IRS anti-Tea Party oppression of 2012 — will likely hurt Twitter the worst. Among other things, the Twitter Campaign 2018 censorship game has already cut down on responses/engagements with President Trump’s tweets by an estimated 35-70 percent. How smart is that if those numbers – distasteful to management as they may be – are major drivers of you bottom line?
What we said about Dick’s Sporting Goods

We had this to say earlier this year about the anti-gun virtue-signaling undertaken by the craven leadership of Dick’s Sporting Goods:

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“We’ve railed for years in these columns about the:…er-104803/

Death Of The Cabal Mainstream Media

As a former journalist, I have been patiently waiting for a major sign that the cabal mainstream media is dead. Banner headline from CNN Politics: ‘Veteran of Senate Intel Committee Charged With Lying To Investigators In Leak Investigation.’ That’s CNN, one of the biggest cabal media outlets! It’s a banner headline which are always reserved for very big stories. And…three journalists on the story. Once again, only ever for VERY big stories.

The cabal runs out of money, they will lose control of the media. Clearly they have run out of money. President Trump signed an Executive Order on 21st December which enables him to seize the assets of all people involved in drug and sex trafficking, whether domestic or abroad:…media.html


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