Trump Was Right After All: Study Reveals Up To 5.7 Million Illegal Votes Cast In 2008

by Robert Carbery

It is no longer President Trump simply mouthing off when he claims that millions of illegals vote in our elections. A new study revealed that up to 5.7 million illegal immigrants likely voted in the 2008 election, meaning Mr. Trump was right when he said he lost the popular vote due to the large amount of illegal votes cast during the 2016 race. It is very likely that our current voting system is just as open to fraud and illegal voting last year as it was in 2008.
Thank God for the Electoral College and the fact that the popular vote does not ultimately matter.
Trump has been hit hard by the mainstream media over the last handful of months as he claimed millions of illegals voted. An Infowars story on November 14 reported that around 3 million illegals voted. The fake news media has thrown their own fake news conspiracy theory allegations toward the president who appears to not be making things up after all.
This January, the New York Times called Trump’s claim a “lie,” but a new study shows that, if anything, we might have actually underestimated the number of illegal votes.
“A research group in New Jersey has taken a fresh look at postelection polling data and concluded that the number of noncitizens voting illegally in U.S. elections is likely far greater than previous estimates,” the Washington Times reported. Isn’t this something that should be gaining more attention? Maybe outside of just alternative media site like InfoWars and more mainstream conservative publications like the Washington Times and Fox News?
Politifact ruled that the claim of 3 million illegal votes cast in the November 2016 election only 10 days after the election was false. The leftist site that claims to be an objective “fact-checker” stated that the initial reports of 3 million illegal aliens voting last year were false because the articles referenced pointed to tweets from Gregg Phillips, who worked for the Republican party and has a voter fraud reporting app. However, since Phillips did not provide further evidence to support his claim back then, they simply rejected that the allegation had any truth to it.
Will there be a retraction or a revision of this post regarding illegal votes on Politifact’s site? You know there won’t be.
Just Facts President James Agresti and his team looked at data from a Harvard/YouGov study that included a sample size of tens of thousands of voters, with non-citizens also included who admitted they were not able to vote. After sifting through the data, Agresti concluded that as many as 5.7 million illegals voted in 2008, far higher than previously forecast. In 2012, the figure was as high as 3.6 million.
Since Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by about 3 million, if you take out the illegal votes she does not total more votes than Trump. Not that it matters, but it would at least shut up the dim witted liberals who believe the popular vote means something.
Vice President Pence is currently looking into the voter fraud that occurred in 2016. We shall see if his findings are similar to Agresti’s. If so, the media will once again eat their words, having been debunked yet again and put in their place.
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