Trump’s Third Circuit Appeal, Biden & Presidential Transition Act, Santa Clara Police Indicted

The Biden Transition officially starts with a new letter from the General Services Administration to the Biden team. Trump’s legal team files their opening brief in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals and several law enforcement are officers facing bribery charges in California. Join criminal defense lawyer Robert F. Gruler to review the documents and discuss the latest legal news, including:

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• Trump Legal Team files opening brief in Federal Court in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals / Pennsylvania – is there anything new?
• General Services Administrator Emily W. Murphy sends letter to Biden Transition Team – what does it say (and mean)?
• Trump agrees to start the transition – what happens next under the Presidential Transition Act?
• Santa Clara Sheriff’s officers and Apple Executive and head of Global Security face bribery charges in new indictment
• Former British Supreme Court Judge has some choice comments about ongoing COVID-19 government restrictions (for our friends in the U.K.)