Tucker Carlson Exposes 4/7/2018 Syria Douma Gas Attack Was Fake, Misinformation

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OPCW ( Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons ) sent in team to investigate and eventually issued report blaming assad

but two in the team disagreed and became whistle blowers

1). they took samples to look for signs chlorine had reacted with materials in the environment, and submitted to lab for analysis, but strangely never got the results. however a whistle blower later did see those results, and they were NOT elevated beyond what is normally in the environment

2) an OPCW analyst determined that a chlorine gas canister was likely placed at its location by hand rather than dropped from an airplane ( from internal OPCW document leaked to Wikileaks )

3) Wikileaks published email from OPCW team that went to inspect in which whistleblower says their original findings were altered to make it look more conclusive that Assad was responsible

4) an OPCW whistleblower argues that on the ground evidence points towards the attack never having happened … faked, a sham



he may be the ONLY source in mainstream media who cares about the truth and is willing to challenge taboos such as suggesting an OFFICIAL PARIAH like Assad might be innocent

we have pariah nations/leaders and its taboo to challenge narratives about how evil they are

I’m elated to see someone in our media trying to actually report accurately





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