Tucker Carlson Exposes the Shocking ‘Hell on Earth’

It may be one of the most disturbing stories in history to witness what is happening in Shanghai, China at the moment. Certainly, great atrocities have happened in the past. There is little doubt that they have (and in China no less), but it is rare to see behind the curtain of an authoritarian regime in such stark detail.

Video clips are coming to us out of Shanghai that will make you feel sick. This has been possible through advances in cell phone technology and the use of VPNs.

A city-wide COVID-19 lockdown is being implemented by the Chinese government that goes further than anything we have seen before. It’s heartbreaking to see people caged into their homes, starving, without access to food, and their pets and cats being slaughtered on the streets.

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Unfortunately, that may be the case for the lucky ones. The police are dragging others to “quarantine” centers while beating them. The question of whether they will ever hear from them again is very real.

Tucker Carlson did a comprehensive montage of what’s going on in the story on Monday evening that covers every aspect of the story. The CCP has indeed created hell on earth as he described it.



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