Tucker Carlson: IG report is a big, big problem for CNN, others – They are exposed as liars and know-nothings

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Tucker nails it again.


Thanks to the Department of Justice IG report — the one released on Monday — we now know for certain what was, for those paying attention, fairly obvious for a long time — in fact, from the beginning. We now know the Steele dossier played a central role in the genesis of the beginning of the Russia hoax.

The dossier was used to justify extensive spying on an innocent American citizen; that would be former naval officer and Annapolis graduate, Carter Page. The top two leaders at the FBI were closely involved in the decision to do this. Other powerful people, including a former director of the CIA, knew it was happening and then lied to cover it up later. All of that was confirmed Monday by the IG’s report.


Nunes tells Schiff he needs ‘rehabilitation’ after IG report: ‘Admit you have a problem’


Chris Wallace grills Comey over IG report

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