Tucker Carlson: Left Exists To Oppose Anything Trump Does

The left is now strongly opposed to paying off former partners, don’t tell Bill Clinton that. They are opposed to anything Trump is for they are for anything he is against, that is the formula. Sometimes it works out for them and sometimes it doesn’t. Often times it is embarrassing. Ms-13, one of the deadliest crimes in the world is never popular. Once Trump criticized that, Nancy Pelosi came out of nowhere in support of them. Do things on camera for the money, since time began considered disreputable. Stormy Daniels attacks the present at a press conference now that she is a member of the resistance, porn is noble. You see what is going on here. It raises an interesting question, if the left exists only to oppose anything that Trump does or says, isn’t trump and control of the left and their message? If that is true, how long before the president takes a hard stand against human trafficking or for motherhood just to see how “The Washington Post” response? It could be highly amusing.”

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