Tucker: Leaders show no obligation to American voters

You must watch this.

I have never in my life witnessed something so lucid.

Tucker Carlson just keeps getting better and better.

His humility is where the power is there.

We need a results-based system, not a bunch of “values and principles” gibberish.

Let us all ask: why is Sheryl Sandberg saying these things she says?

Why are the libertarians saying the things they say?

Why are Republicans doing these things they do?

What about the Democrats?

Why do we have no answers to these questions?

Well, the reason is that people are not asking the question.

The only person asking is Tucker Carlson. And a bunch of lunatics on the internet.

Share this video with everyone you know – liberal or conservative. They both need to hear it. All of it. And it will resonate with all of them.


h/t flyntlarry