Tucker: There is lots of ROT in our halls of power: govt, courts, Justice/FBI/FISC, academia…ROGUE JUDGES ARE THE WORST.

REALCLEARINVESTIGATIONS: Buried From Trump Tower Meeting: Translator’s Avowal to FBI of ‘No Collusion.’

It’s become pretty obvious that the entire Mueller investigation was a sham, and known to be a sham to its participants from the beginning. It was a political hit job, pure and simple.

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WHEN DAYS COUNT, GOVERNMENT IS ONLY WEEKS AWAY: CDC admits they have only completed 70 coronavirus tests THIS WEEK – despite Trump promising MILLIONS more.

CDC has gotten so politicized over the last 25 years or so that it doesn’t take a paranoic to wonder if they’re dragging their feet. Even if they are moving as quickly as possible, the CDC’s ongoing progressive-minded mission-creep means they have only themselves to blame for any doubts.

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