Tucker’s big takeaways from the Trump impeachment saga

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Tucker: Impeachment saga is boring, hard to understand, never ending. #Tucker #FoxNews


Some facts we learned today:

1. 3 people including Trump told Sondalan no quid pro quo.

2. the Ukrainian President said there was no quid pro quo

3. The Ukrainian President didn’t even know the aid was being withheld

4. It was the Trump administration that initiated military aid to the Ukraine not the Obama admin.

5. Quid pro quo is not illegal and happens on a daily basis

6. No proof by anybody, of aid being linked to an investigation.

7. The state department asked Rudy Giuliani to get involved

8. Ukraine received the aid

9. Ukraine got the aid without any announcement of a criminal investigation

10. not a single shred of evidence of a crime here.

11. Adam Schiff is a corrupt moron.

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