Tulsi Gabbard: Voter suppression is real and continues to undermine our democracy. The people of Georgia deserve a thorough investigation, with accountability and consequences for those responsible.

by EvilPhd666

Voter suppression is real in this country.

There have been multiple cases of suppression and fraud found over the last few years.

It isn’t the Russians so much meddling or switching votes, or hacking machines, or purging people off roles it is our own citizens who are entrusted to run fair and open elections.

Sometimes it gets caught and prosecuted. Most times cases are tossed not because of innocence, but because the judge decides “whelp it isn’t going change – dismissed” which is a miscarriage of justice by the very judges and justice system that is supposed to uphold democracy.

Georgia – Brian Kemp

New York – The New York City Board of Elections guilty 200K purged

Arizona 258,000 purged, list given only after threat of a lawsuit.

Chicago 2008 100K stolen votes

Chicago 2016 black box voting audit case and fraud

Florida Debbie Wasserman Shultz-Tim Canova 2016 fraud and official misconduct

2002/2004 Georgia, Ohio, Michigan black box

California 2016 ballot tampering/dismissal