TUNISIA is sliding back into dictatorship

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by YR1b1a1a2mtU6

Government gives “exceptional power to Security Forces to disrupt Strikes and Meetings” and “Assume Control of the Press” after growing Public unrest over unemployment and huge protests on sellouts to the IMF and other foreign interests


Tunisia’s revolution from dictatorship to liberal democracy has been painted by the Media as a rare success of the brutally repressed Arab spring, but anyone who’s been keeping watch knows this to be bogus

The Tunisian government has been accused of nepotism and has made deals with both the IMF and other foreign interests that many in Tunisia feel has compromised the country and lead to unemployment. Salafism, the most extreme of Islamic ideologies and the basis for most Jihadist groups, is growing in parts of Tunisia, in both the poverty-stricken slums and in Upper Middle-Class neighbourhoods, and terrorist attacks have rapidly increased. I have spoken to Tunisians before about how they feel about their country recently and the only answer I got back was “fear” and “hopelessness”. Many even believe that another Civil War is inevitable. Also, many thugs and rats who went to Europe (Cologne molestation gangs, etc) are now being deported back to Tunisia which is making things even worse.

And now the government, which I believe to be dominated by a Right-Wing Islamist faction, has extended Tunisia’s state of emergency and is about to take measures to “assume control of the press”, which may mean censoring Islamist Extremist groups but, as history shows it’s best to assume the worst when you hear Orwellian terminology like that.

Hopefully people notice this. People should keep watch on hot/active situations unfolding in less talked about nations that don’t get in the mainstream press as frequently.

Edit: Yes, it is orwellian.

The Emergency Law grants the Minister of the Interior wide-reaching powers, including

  1. the jurisdiction to place people under house arrest,
  2. ban meetings,
  3. impose curfews and
  4. inspect shops.

The state of emergency also allows for

  1. control of the media, publications and radio broadcasts, as well as
  2. [control of] cinematic and theatrical performances

without the prior authorisation of the judiciary.

Why are no mainstream newspapers talking about this? The only articles I found in English or French were just cheerpieces on the tourism industry…



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