Twin Cities directly funding Somali terrorists. Millions in cash leaving airport designed for welfare.

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This is why liberals want government programs and government-subsidized child care and everything else – it provides massive opportunities for FRAUD and THEFT.

The fact that they get to pass that money (YOUR money) out to shitty immigrants is just a bonus for them.

via fox9:

 – Minnesota lawmakers are scheduling a hearing for Tuesday after the Fox 9 Investigators exposed daycare fraud that could be costing taxpayers millions of dollars and some of that money could be making its way to terrorists overseas.

Carry-on suitcases filled with as much as a million dollars in cash are regularly leaving on flights from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport to the Middle East. Last year alone, government agents determined the money transfers amounted to over a $100 million. They believe a sizeable amount is coming from fraud in the state’s childcare assistance program, which offers government subsidies to low-income families.


At least 10 daycare centers are currently under active investigation for overbilling the state. Most of those centers are owned by Somali immigrants. Members of the community told Fox 9 that the fraud is widespread. It’s believed some of the funds are being sent in the form of remittance payments to relatives in their homeland. Investigators also believe terrorist groups are demanding a cut of the money when it arrives overseas.

“I say absolutely, our sources tells us that,” said Glen Kerns, a detective who spent 15 years on the FBI’s joint terrorism task force. “Good sources – from the community leaders.”

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Governor Mark Dayton reacted to the Fox 9 report during a press conference on Monday.



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