Twitter’s mysterious algorithms bury the Maxwell/Epstein story again

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by Ascetic_Ideal

As many of you are aware, the Maxwell documents were unsealed that implicate major politicians and the contents are being censored by all of the major boards on Reddit (worldnews, politics, news, etc.).Well here’s Twitter’s contribution to the suppression.

There are way more tweets about ‘Epstein/Maxwell’ than any other topic, yet it’s buried at the bottom of the ‘Trending’ tab on the site. For instance, 829k tweets at 17th place vs 2.3k tweets for 3rd place. The trending tab obviously has very little to do with how much something is actually trending and is just a way for Twitter to promote what they want and suppress undesirable topics. We see it all the time. This image is just one of many examples. It’s like, they know they have to acknowledge the buzz, but do what they can to keep it down without acting too suspicious.

Oh by the way, u/Maxwellhill hasn’t posted in a month.


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