Two families are suing Universal Orlando after actor made an OK sign for a photo with their kids

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Two lawsuits have been filed against Universal Orlando because of one of their actors allegedly posed for a photo with biracial children and flashed the “upside-down OK” symbol, was the media was duped into believing to be a symbol of “white power” after 4chan spread a hoax about the common gesture.
The two girls involved were aged five and six years at the time the photographs were taken, and the lawsuit alleges humiliation and mental anguish.
According to local outlet Click Orlando, the two incidents were separate, but have exactly the same pattern, where the actor playing Gru from “Despicable me” sneaks the hand signal into the photos.
One of the girls wanted to show the photo at school, and her family and her were shocked to find out that the image was unacceptable, especially when they found out why.

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