Two Stories I Will Continue To Probe Until I Get Answers: Seth Rich Murder And Special Counsel Hoax

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by Pamela Williams
I decided this morning the only way I can fight these blackouts of truth in the Seth Rich murder and in the recent appointment of a special counsel to investigate President Trump is through my writings.  I am in a place of extreme frustration and bewilderment as I face the constant barrage of lies coming from authorities on a daily basis.  Do “they” really believe that the American people have no power to shine the light of truth on the lies perpetuated on us by those in power? We do have more power than our handlers believe!
I will start first with a development in the Seth Rich murder investigation.  It is both shocking and extremely gut wrenching.  
Caitlin Johnstone has just published “Someone Just Edited Seth Rich’s Reddit Posts.”  
Caitlin says the following:
“I am not writing this article to accuse anyone of anything.  If Reddit administrators deleted the personal information tying a murder victim to his Reddit account after it was found by online sleuths, and if they feel they had a good reason for doing it they way they did, I am sure we’re all open to hearing their reasoning.  But that information is key to piecing together data that could quite literally save the world, and we need to pay attention to this sort of thing and have a public debate about it.  Tensions between the United States and Russia have reached such insane heights that an expert analyst has said we are in more danger of nuclear annihilation in some ways than we were at the peak of the last Cold War, and the reasons being given to the public for those tensions are all based first and foremost on allegations that Russian hackers stole the Democratic party emails that were released by Wikileaks.  This isn’t just about Seth Rich; we’ve all got a stake in this thing.
As explained by iBankCoin, the discovery of Seth Rich’s main account led to the discovery of his secondary account u/pandas4bernie, the existence of which confirms what we’ve all suspected for a long time: that Rich was a closet Bernie supporter. Rich really, really, really, REALLY loved pandas, his known Instagram handle was panda4progress, and both u/pandas4bernie and Rich’s main account u/MeGrimlock4 stopped posting right after his murder. They’re both him. This adds a great deal of weight to the argument that Rich was upset about the way Sanders was being cheated by the DNC and used his access as DNC Voter Expansion Director to pass Committee emails to late WikiLeaks director Gavin MacFadyen as an anonymous federal investigator is reported to have informed Fox News.
I would like to refer to the article I just did for IWB:
Caitlin is correct in what she is saying.  The Reddit investigation of the Seth Rich murder is an important piece of work that stands by itself in excellence and quality journalism.  While the Washington elite choose to ignore Seth’s murder, online investigative journalists have excelled in moving forward in the quest for the truth.  Seth’s story is complex and has aspects of the most important issues facing America today.

  2. Russia “did it hoax”,
  3. War between the DNC factions,
  4. Destruction of Bernie Sanders,
  5. Takeover of Clinton,
  6. Murder of Seth Rich,
  7. Wikileaks publishing of DNC, Clinton, and Podesta emails,
  8. Finally…believe it or not…all this leads to obsessive attack on election of President Trump.

Further, this leads us down a road of the bizarre wiretapping of President Trump’s Transition Team of which there is evidence, yet…extraordinarily it is denied!  Those who did this did not leave a paper trail, as they slyly went around US authorities to British authoritative connections to secure this illegal operation.
This was an invasion of privacy of a Presidential candidate and a President that is unprecedented.  It is in its scope and operation worse than any Watergate or government scandal.  It involved the unmasking of American citizens and the leaking of this forbidden knowledge throughout the public.  This is a felony, but it has gone uninvestigated and ignored by government authorities.  They ignore what they please, and perpetuate untruths as they do so.  They make a mockery out of truth, while birthing the new normal of the lawlessness of a new government form that has destroyed our Country.  This new government form makes up their own version of the truth as they go.
The American people now find themselves  in a strange and surreal world of a lost Judicial system.  Our votes no longer count, and our vigilant trip to the polls has proven a worthless effort. President Trump was chosen by the people, but this fact is ignored by the Washington elite!
This is where the Seth Rich story comes in.  Seth worked for the DNC in the voter division, and his job insured that all people had a place to vote.  He literally worked to make certain all  Americans had a voice, and now we must be his voice.
Through the Reddit investigation it was proven he was a Bernie Sander’s supporter.  He set up a page for Sanders on Tumbler, and he was an avid poster on Reddit.  Reddit documents all of this, and that is why Caitlin is extremely concerned that this content might disappear.
Caitlin says:  
All of this could have been completely dismissed and denied in the public debate by proponents of the establishment narrative, if someone hadn’t had the sense to archive Seth Rich’s account before whoever edited it deleted the email address with Rich’s full name in it, linking him conclusively to the account u/MeGrimlock4.
The following is from my post on IWB
When Seth Rich recognized that Bernie Sanders was being exploited and silenced by the Clinton DNC faction he did the following:  January 2016 — Seth Rich creates Pandas4Bernie Twitter, tumblr and FB page.
The following is a timeline of events  leading up to the murder of Seth Rich.  By this time Seth had lost all faith in the system.  He began to realize the depth that the factions would go to in Washington DC to have what THEY WANT.
May 25, 2016 – Date of the last email in the DNC Email Archive released by Wikileaks [** KEY DATE]. Where was Seth Rich on this date? What was his state of mind? Did something happen on or about May 25, 2016 that resulted in Seth Rich losing access to high-level DNC emails? Or did he get one-time access to the DNC emails on May 25, 2016 and downloaded them all then? ?—— Investigation needed.
June 6, 2016 — /u/MeGrimlock4 final post:  (Grimlock is Seth Rich.)
June 12, 2016 – Bernie Sanders endorsed Clinton in Portsmouth, New Hampshire –
We owe Reddit a great gratitude of debt, as they investigate and document many things for the public.  Their posters are brilliant, dedicated, and vigilant.  I admire them all so much.  Thank you, Reddit.
Now lets discuss the other issue I strive to understand and document myself.  I want to first quote an article that came out this morning:
Robert Mueller has a serious conflict of interest that should disqualify him from serving as special counsel.
He has had a long and close relationship with someone who will surely become a pivotal witness –James Comey.
No one doubts Mueller’s sterling credentials. That is not the issue. He is imminently qualified. The problem arises in his duty to fairly and objectively evaluate the evidence he gathers.
How can Americans have confidence in the results if they know the special counsel may harbor a conspicuous bias? They cannot. The conflict inevitably discredits whatever conclusion is reached. It renders the entire investigatory exercise suspect, and it only elevates the controversy surrounding it.
For this reason, Mueller should not serve as special counsel.
This article is perfect for me to use as an example of the lawlessness that is now Washington DC.
During the Obama reign, we have seen the IRS target Republicans just because they are Republicans.
We have seen the wiretapping of a Presidential candidate, who was later chosen the 45th President of the United States. This wiretapping and rebellion by the Democrats against the American people’s choice for President is unprecedented and totally dismisses the voter process.
Obama sent money belonging to the American taxpayer to the Iranian government and terrorist organizations.   
Further he and Hillary Clinton created a destroyer of the United States in the terrorist organization of ISIS.  They funded ISIS with the hard earned money of Americans, while ISIS killed those very same Americans.  Obama refused to even admit that these terrorists were responsible for the numerous attacks on Americans.
I could go on and on, but Obama was never investigated by a special counsel.  He and Hillary Clinton literally got away with murder.
Ex-FBI Director James Comey looked the other way, as they broke law after law.  He dismissed the guilt of Hillary Clinton in the investigation of her email use on a unsecured  home server.  She leaked classified information of agents in the field.  Some are no longer alive to tell their story.  
Comey was involved with Clinton and her Foundation, but no one bothered to call him on a conflict of interest.
He has stalked President Trump to the point it has been  a hindrance to his doing his job as President.
Comey even had a hand in a bizarre dossier created by a British spy.
While he was present during the scandals of the Obama administration, he failed the United States by refusing to apply the principles of the FBI to Obama and Clinton.
I am outraged, and I refuse to look the other way while the elite destroy President Trump, who was chosen the 45th President of the United States by WE THE PEOPLE!
In conclusion, I am only one person, but I will use the power I have to document what I see as a surreal environment in the United States, stemming from a lost Judicial System.  This system was once protected in part by the  FBI, but we have witnessed the downfall of this American institution under the command of James Comey.
President Trump fired Comey, but Comey is still in control. The special counsel brought in by the same man, who encouraged President Trump to fire Comey, is actually a friend of James Comey’s.  You cannot make these things up.   America has become like a TV soap opera that has the same actors switching roles to fulfill the fictional script of the elite.  It must be exposed and stopped!  WE THE PEOPLE STILL HAVE A VOICE!
Gregg Jarrett: Why Robert Mueller should resign as special counsel

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Seth Rich, Reddit Censorship, & Media Silence


8 thoughts on “Two Stories I Will Continue To Probe Until I Get Answers: Seth Rich Murder And Special Counsel Hoax

  1. “This isn’t just about Seth Rich; we’ve all got a stake in this thing.”
    You bet. The very first thing about Seth; at this point we should KNOW he was almost certainly MURDERED, The second thing IMO is POLITICAL MURDER is rife in DC. Third if the Political Murder is sanctioned by the Deep State. It will NEVER be admitted.
    Sanctioned DC Political Murders
    o JFK
    o RFK
    o JFK Jr
    o MLK
    o Vince Foster
    o Ron Brown
    o Your Favorite Goes Here
    Just KNOWING WHO is being murdered and how the murder is NEVER HONESTLY INVESTIGATED will go a long way to getting us on the path to TRUTH. Without truth this nation is soon to join the rubbish pile of Failed Nation States.

    • Lou, very well said. It is because of Patriots like you, I believe the people have the power to turn this around.

    • The people who killed Kennedy are still in control and also still in control of the “law enforcement” agencies that did the initial murders and coverups. They never imagined that something like the internet might come along.

      • Right collette, but I am afraid that those who are the watchdogs of those in power are no longer available. They have been spoiled, too. There is no good guys left to take action. Those who would do not have the credentials to do so.
        I used to believe in Jason Chaffetz and Trey Gowdy, but I no longer do.

  2. They can run, but they can’t hide. The internet has turned a light on the seamy underbelly of America.

  3. There has been extreme and blatant lawlessness for many years, and millions complain about “WHEN” arrests and prosecutions will happen——IF there will be any. Traitors, tyranny surround us——the Deep State has been at this game/agenda for many decades. Bribes, blackmail are obvious for all this collusion happening. The lawlessness is ignored and has become normal. By the lack of prosecution they have become the new “laws”. Even though millions are aware of all this daily attack and corruption, all we can do is feel helpless because law enforcement is doing nothing to arrest the big players. I would like to see the traitors hanging in the Washington mall—very Public.

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