Two Women Who DATED Kavanaugh Speak Out! Interviewed by Fox’s Martha Maccallum

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As usual.. love the comments under the video.
Any woman who lies about sexual assault, should get life without parole. The punishment should be catastrophic.

Democrats and Socialist believe a 35 years old high school accusation but not interested in evidence that the Obama administration spied on a opposition presidential election Campaign!

The MSM is conveniently leaving out the fact that Kavanaugh’s mother who was a judge foreclosed on his accusers parents house, that’s motive to lie!

So, if Judge Kavanaugh’s accuser turns out to be fabricating this story, will she be held accountable for defamation?

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This is an interesting situation. You have 1 woman accusing him, and 65 women who came out in support. This is the opposite of Bill Clinton’s situation, in which 1 woman supported him and a long line of women accused him.


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So a woman who can’t remember who’s house she was in, how she got there or how she got home, can’t remember who else was at the party, can’t remember when it took place but remembers Kavanaugh and Judge LOL yeah right!

So, the Dems are desperate to delay his confirmation vote until after the midterm elections in hopes of gaining more seats in congress. Their first attempt to derail the hearings failed, so now they have resorted to their currently favorite go-to tactic of getting some woman to claim sexual harassment/assault. Is it not obvious what is really going on here? Why is no one calling them out on it? His accuser is a Democrat (strike one) who is a college professor (strike two) and complained about “male toxicity” (strike three). The woman cannot be taken seriously because this is such obvious pure politics.

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