Two years ago I wanted to test a theory where I picked 25 small cap bio tech stocks listed on the NASDAQ, this is the results

I did no analysis on these stocks at all other than making sure they were listed on the NASDAQ and in the healthcare industry. They were also the 25 lowest market cap healthcare stocks listed. I used finviz to find them. I sorted by NASDAQ then selected healthcare industry. After that I simply sort by market cap smallest to highest and the first 25 were the picks. Each stock was originally purchased for $2,000 each approximately 2 years ago. It is all play money by the way, just for fun analysis type stuff. Interesting to look at in hindsight. In hindsight I guess we can simply conclude that biotech is high risk and high reward. If healthcare was in a bear market I am sure this portfolio would have been crushed.

h/t JasonMckennan5425234