U.K. – National heatwave EMERGENCY ‘could be declared as Cobra meeting called’

The Met Office has issued a rare amber weather warning for extreme temperatures for next Sunday and a government Cobra meeting has been held to discuss a first ever heatwave emergency response
A first ever heatwave emergency response is reportedly being drawn up by government ministers after a rare amber weather warning for extreme temperatures was issued by the Met Office.

The warning comes into force next Sunday with the possibility of temperatures surging above 35C for the South East and over 30C for much of England and Wales.


‘Professor Mike Tipton, an extreme environments expert at Portsmouth University, warned of the health issues that can arise from high temperatures and claimed Britain could see nearly 2,000 extra deaths due to the heatwave.

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Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme this morning, he said: ‘You get an increased likelihood of blood clotting and cardiac problems because of the extra strain heat puts on the body. We’ll see anything between 1,000 to 2,000 excess deaths due to the heat over heatwaves and the vast majority of those are in the elderly.’


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