U.S. and China Trade Conflict Already Showing Up in the Global Economy?

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Do you think a trade conflict between US and China will cause a major disruption in the global economy?

There are hundreds of different ways to track the current status of the economy. We can look at technical indicators. We can look at employment. We can drive around the neighbourhood. Assessing the situation from every angle allows us to be more truthful and accepting of reality. We must look at all factors or we’ll be left in the dust when reality sets in.


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Baltic Dry Index Chart – Investing.com


DRYS 4.84 0.01 0.21% : DryShips Inc. – Yahoo Finance


gstrade 1.jpg (657×392)


gstrade 4.jpg (650×395)


gstrade 6.jpg (664×395)


gstrade 9.jpg (655×391)


Container shipping company announces layoffs | Local News | theworldlink.com


United States Manufacturing PMI | 2012-2018 | Data | Chart | Calendar


Negotiations between China and the US at standstill


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