U.S. Government Cover Up of $20 Billion In Salaries! Who Is Really Benefiting?

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Will the government ever NOT be the source of all corruption? Seems like this is where corporations go to make their best deals happen. They are in bed. Constantly negotiating a better deal. Year after year. Decade after decade.
I’m not sure anything will ever change over a long period of time. Perhaps temporarily. Never permanently

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Currently in the U.S. we see an impressive level government corruption. On all levels. It seems that as the years go on, unless you’re corrupt, you’ll never get anywhere. Thankfully there is still some information that gets released that can at least point to the some of the problems being faced. Identifying the source of an issue is a great first step.
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2 thoughts on “U.S. Government Cover Up of $20 Billion In Salaries! Who Is Really Benefiting?

  1. When did Government jobs get so lucrative? Cut all of their salaries in half and make them participate in the same programs that we plebs must pay into.

  2. Maximum wage for non-elected employees of $100,000
    and they self-fund their own retirement.
    Say they pay 25% tax rate, then they pay 1/3 of their after tax salary, which goes directly to a currently retired former employee.
    They will have to live on only $50,000 a year. (for 50 weeks of work)

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