U.S. hotel prices hit record high…

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For evidence, see what Miami hotels are demanding on the weekend in early May when the Formula 1 racing series comes to town: The 1 South Beach is requiring four-night minimums at just under $4,000 a night, while the Hampton Inn in the city’s Brickell neighborhood is charging more than $400 a night.

Vacationers, flush with cash and eager to hit the road after two years of pandemic living, are paying up at resorts, roadside hotels and even urban properties – at least in cities with tourism appeal. Those free-spending consumers are filling hotels on weekends, making up for the  lack corporate travelers, who typically book rooms during the workweek.

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“The pandemic has reminded people that life is short,” said Jan Freitag, senior vice president at lodging analytics company STR. “They want to splurge, and they have a lot of pent-up savings. If a market has a leisure appeal, then the hotels in that market are doing well.”



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