U.S. Proposes Tariffs On EU! Major Escalation Beyond China Trade Battle!

Do you think there will be increasing tensions between US and EU?


It seems like conditions are only worsening. Don’t worry, just make sure the media continues to project everything will be alright and the fantasy will live on. We’re here watching the madness and everyday it degrades. Nonsensical actions are taking place and the mania is apparent. Nothing is real any longer and if there’s one thing that’s certain it’s that there is a small group of individuals out there who are going to make sure they never let a crisis go to waste.


USTR Proposes Additional Products for Tariff Countermeasures in Response to Harm Caused by EU Aircraft Subsidies | United States Trade Representative


Trump tariffs – Wikipedia


EU adopts rebalancing measures in reaction to US steel and aluminium tariffs – Trade – European Commission


Tariffs listed by country | Canada | EU | China | United States – Universal Logistics


US proposes $4 billion additional tariffs over EU aircraft subsidies


Japan weighs hiking tariffs on South Korean products amid wartime labor dispute | The Japan Times



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