UBI IS ON: Biden to send child tax credits to 39 million families starting TOMORROW…

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….with parents of children under the age of 17 getting up to $300 a month per kid

(Daily Mail) On Thursday the Internal Revenue Service will begin delivering monthly installments of President Joe Biden’s enhanced child tax credit.

39 million families are expected to start receiving payments.

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Individuals who make under $75,000 and couples who make under $150,000 are eligible for the larger payments.

Americans in these income brackets with children under six will receive $3,600 per child, with monthly checks of $300 starting to go out July 15.

Children ages six through 17 will garner individuals and couples $3,000 per child, with monthly checks of $250 starting to be delivered Thursday.

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The enchanced child tax credits were part of the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, this year’s COVID-19 relief bill.



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