UFO Stalked U.S. Aircraft Carrier! – Pentagon Documents REVEALED

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Josh Sigurdson does another Freedom Minute update, this time on a mysterious story, something we wouldn’t usually go into.
A UFO was caught stalking a U.S. aircraft carrier for days in November 2004 according to newly released Pentagon documents.
The craft which was described as an elongated egg or a “tic tac” moved at supersonic speeds, at times vanishing into thin air while still being monitored on radar.
In a matter of seconds, the craft could drop from 60,000 feet to the ocean. Something that is not known to be possible.
People on test flights over the ocean reported seeing this object as close as directly above their jet before blasting off into the sky in seconds.
When jets were scrambled to intercept the craft, people would watch it go invisible before their eyes.
The USS Princeton tracked it for days as they were stalked. The USS Louisville submarine was also in the area but wasn’t able to track it. A Hawkeye surveillance plane was able to track it but was unable to lock on claiming the object was able to dodge radar.

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While the government claims they don’t have any such craft, one has to remember that the stealth jets we know of today were around for nearly 50 years without the public knowing about it. It’s very possible that incredible, advanced technology is owned by the US government in secret.
One cannot jump to the conclusion that this is aliens, though it certainly is a possibility.

This brings us to ancient civilizations and how antiquities departments and governments throughout the world for no known reason are hiding archaeological marvels, things that would change world history.
From the age of the Sphinx in Egypt, the use of the Great pyramids, Göbekli tepe (an incredible archaeological site predating Stonehenge by 7000 years and far larger), and the potential of an ancient cataclysm that wiped out an ancient society once technologically advanced.
Did the ancients develop vast technological marvels that the government has hidden and developed on? Why do they cover up ancient findings? There must be a reason.
If human civilization was wiped out right now, what would remain 12,000 years from now? Certainly stone structures and whatever is fossilized. Most metals, glass, objects would cease to exist. People finding what’s left of our civilization would think we lived in caves and developed the odd stone building or pillar. Well that’s what we think of ancient Egyptians, but we are learning more regularly which proves we don’t know anything about them, or even when much of this society lived.

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So when we hear about these UFOs, we can’t help but think the US is testing technology that they have dug up from ancient times, especially considering the similarities of this object’s description and ancient drawings of tic tac shaped crafts.

We also could be completely out of our minds theorizing about this, but it’s worth theorizing. It’s worth asking questions and finding the truth. We are willing to take the risk of being crazy to possibly help uncover the origins of human civilization. Why not?

Stay tuned as we continue to look at these mysterious stories.


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