UK Daily Mail breaks ranks with MSM and questions lockdown and Covid hysteria

The truth about the claims scaring us all to death

UK newspaper has found the courage to go against the MSM flow, and questions all the false hysterical beliefs that have been instilled in us by the government and mainstream media

Edit: The Daily Mail is the UK’s second best selling offline newspaper, and online it is the world’s most visited news website, so this is quite a big deal

From the article:

Claim: ICU beds in Liverpool are already 95 per cent full

Reality: Fewer ICU beds are occupied than last year

Claim: The Covid-19 death rate is high

Reality: It really isn’t

Claim: A second spike could cause twice as many deaths

Reality: Far fewer people are dying now

Claim: The current wave of infection will tear through the elderly

Reality: We are far better prepared this time around

Claim: Hospitals are less prepared than this time in March

Reality: Doctors are far better equipped to fight the virus

Claim: There’s no such thing as immunity

Reality: The chances of reinfection are low

Claim: We will never get to herd immunity

Reality: We shouldn’t rule it out

Claim: ‘Long Covid’ may leave millions suffering from symptoms for years

Reality: Serious cases are very uncommon

Claim: By locking down more quickly, the Scottish and Welsh governments have handled the pandemic better

Reality: The results have been the same

Claim: Infections are running higher now than when Britain went into lockdown in March

Reality: There is an increase in cases — but only because we are testing more


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