UK living standards fall at record rate as inflation soars

by Boo_Randy

Globalist propaganda outlets are trying to deceive the sheeple by calling soaring inflation a “cost of living crisis” and suggesting the solution would be to swap out one set of globalist political stooges for another. They will NEVER expose central bank debasement of the currency as the true cause for the destruction of our purchasing power & standard of living. Until the sheeple wake the flock up and start putting the blame for inflation where it belongs – on the central bankers and our corrupt elites – things are only going to get worse.

British workers’ living standards dropped in May at a record rate after pay rises failed to keep pace with inflation.

Earnings growth increased across the private and public sector by 4.3% in the three months to May excluding bonuses, the Office for National Statistics said, but that left pay down by 2.8% year on year – a record fall.

Labour blamed the Conservative government for the fall in real wages, saying it left people more exposed to inflation and the cost of living crisis”.

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More strike hell could grip UK as two million public sector workers are expected to be given below-inflation pay rises

Silly proles…you voted for globalist stooges, and now you’re getting exactly what you voted for, good & hard. Want your wages to keep up with inflation? Not going to happen as long as the Keynesian fraudsters at the central banks are printing you down the road to Zimbabwe 2.0.

Two million public sector workers face a real terms pay cut today as ministers try to get a grip on inflation which unions have already warned will cause strike action and resignations.

Whitehall sources said that pay review bodies covering doctors, nurses, soldiers, the police and a string of other professions will recommend settlements of three to five per cent.


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