UK ‘now officially under third coronavirus wave’ as Delta variant outbreaks hit 80% of England

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A THIRD wave of coronavirus has hit the UK, say scientists, while more than 80% of towns and cities in England report a steep rise in cases.

It comes after expert said Britain is currently going throwing a “mini wave” of infections primarily among young people rather than a full scale third wave, data from the Covid-19 data gathering Zoe app appeared to show.

In fully and partly vaccinated groups, the increase in infections has fallen from 89% to 53% in recent days suggesting jabs are pushing back the spike and keeping those most at risk safe.

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Professor Tim Spector, lead scientist on the ZOE Covid study app and professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s, told The Telegraph that it looked as though cases would peak within two weeks.

“This has been a much better week than it was last week…Rates in the North West and Scotland are still going up but you can definitely see signs they are starting to level off. London look like it’s starting to slow down.

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“If we look at the way past waves have come and gone I would be predicting that this should be peaking around 10 to 14 days time and then start to fall, so by four weeks we are at a much lower level than we are now, and much more manageable.


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