UK Socialized Medicine Fail 30,000 Dead Due To Record Long Hospital Waiting Times

by Natura Naturans

The figures should be a wake-up call to the government and the socialists in the United States. Socialized medicine is designed to fail. No amount of additional government will fix it either. The UK insists that it’s chronic underfunding in social care and a mounting staffing crisis is creating dangerous pressures in hospitals. Yet spending on health care in the United Kingdom has more than doubled in the past 18 years, after adjusting for inflation. All of that is a problem because of government intervention, and the poor news will only continue to get worse, according to the UK news source, The Independent.…al-waiting


I don’t have any answers to this huge problem. I have talked to Canadians who were very happy with their system, which is socialized more than Australia’s is. I would guess that the answer is more money, but I don’t know if the society can afford it.