UK want to give all 25yr olds £10,000 paid for by taxing the dead and the elderly

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ALL 25 year olds should get a £10,000 “inheritance” payment …a think tank declares today.. The Citizen’s Inheritance’ would not be means-tested and would provide up to half of a deposit for a typical property outside London, or vital capital to start a new business…

The Resolution Foundation said the £7bn freebie would be funded by doubling of the inheritance tax take.. The report also calls on working pensioners to keeping paying national insurance..

So – having paid NI contributions for 50 years they have to carry on paying it in their 70s, then when they die the fruits of their years of labour will be taken from their families to pay 25yr olds, many of whom haven’t done a single day’s work, or are immigrants who’ve never paid in a penny.





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