Ukraine begins seizure of Russian energy giant Gazprom's assets

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Ukraine has started seizing assets belonging to Russian energy giant Gazprom – following a years-long dispute over gas supplies.

Keep poking the bear, almost begging for retaliation so that they can play the victim. US recently agreed to supply them with anti-tank missiles and sniper rifles despite the whole nazi thing.
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7 thoughts on “Ukraine begins seizure of Russian energy giant Gazprom's assets”

  1. Speaking of natural gas I hear that Ukraine has a main line that runs from Porkyshenko’s anal pore directly to a natural gas liquefaction plant. There is also a pipeline that runs from Poroshenko’s mouth directly to the sewer.

  2. Gasprom doesn’t own any assets in Ukraine because Gasprom never had business in Ukraine. Ukrainians are lying as usual because there is nothing to confiscate. The other side of this question is that unlawful decision of Stockholm’s court to force Gazprom to support desintegrating ukranian economy is definitely not a final decision and would have to be justified by the second set of judges. Gazprom will never pay to Ukraine because judges say it is in a bad shape. Ukraine is not Gazprom’s responsibility and Ukraine will never be able to get these money.


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