Ukraine is About to Get Shafted

by Chris Black

Haha, it’s crazy that after a full year, someone’s making all these world human rights orgs take a stand on the stuff going down in Ukraine.


The Ukrainian military injured scores of civilians when it fired thousands of illegal mines across the city of Izium last year, Human Rights Watch (HRW) has alleged. The mines, similar to those allegedly used by Ukraine against civilians in Donetsk, were found near schools and kindergartens.


If I was a neoconservative, I’d be pushing for the US military to switch focus to China. 

RAND has got it right that there’s nothing to be gained from carrying on with this war on Russia.

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 It’s obvious the government won’t fall. 

That was the original plan: “we can do this quickly with a small NATO force and some sanctions and Putin will be kicked out of office.” 

It was sensible to give up when it became clear that that wasn’t going to work out. 

But we’re still pushing on, and there’s a lot of anti-Russian feeling from the Jewish community.

If they send in the fighter jets, they’re definitely ramping up the situation. 

But if they’re hesitating, it looks like they’re gonna back off.


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