Ukrainian Commander Who Surrendered Says People in Mariupol Hate Ukrainian Forces

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by Chris Black

In a very recent interview, Ukrainian Marine Corps commander Nikoli Burokov, the commander who surrendered his entire Battalion in Mariupol, just admitted that the population of the city “was negatively disposed towards the armed forces of the Ukraine.”

He said he has no regrets about the surrender of over 1,000 marines, because he was able to keep his men alive, and there was no reason to die in a battle for people who don’t even support him.

This is a little bit different from the current narrative concocted by Western media, isn’t it?

The massive Ukrainian surrender in Mariupol was kept very hush-hush by the American media, which is still claiming that the Ukraine is somehow winning the war.

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Ukraine’s prime minister bragged over the weekend that his army will fight to the last man in Mariupol.

It’s funny to watch these redditors and other Marvel Comics fans slowly begin to realize that the war is lost.

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