Ukrainians escape ‘slave conditions’ on UK farms

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Keep waiting for them to say there are six million Ukrainians in camps, it’s coming….

(RT) Seasonal workers arrive on seasonal visas, only to find themselves ‘hostage’ to their new country.

Hundreds of Ukrainians in the UK on seasonal visas have ended up working on farms they describe as “akin to modern-day slavery,” the Guardian, which spoke to multiple people who had escaped from such farms, reported on Tuesday.
Chocolate company accused of profiting from child labor
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Chocolate company accused of profiting from child labor

A Ukrainian worker who escaped one of the farms described feeling like a “hostage in the UK,” unable to go home because of the war but forced to do menial labor for a living despite having two university degrees. She and her boyfriend had worked on a cherry farm where laborers were not even allowed gloves, causing extreme damage to their hands and skin.

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