UNBELIEVABLE OBAMA GAFFES, Mistakes, Lies, & Confusion On the Road Selling You Out

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by Thinker

So many children have lost a parent to wars under past presidents, but under the Obama/Clinton administration to many for nothing but profits over people. The race is on to conceal the “TRUTH” from the American people, but it can’t be stopped…Hillary Clinton didn’t win Trump did! The “TRUTH” that is coming in waves with the Trump “Drain the Swamp” investigations is bringing those with honor who have waited a long time out from the dark. Whistleblowers are coming from every department of intellience to jump on the Trump “Make America Great Again” campaign. A nation with a governmentthat has been looked down upon, is finally seeing some “REAL CHANGE” under the Trump admistration. The only thing that is required is “HONOR & TRUTH” which Donald Trump seems to be having a hard time finding from the past administration holdovers.


It was clear that the majority of Black Americans only saw the color of Obama’s skin, and were happy the first term when he gave them free phones, and kept the welfare checks coming. A nation of people who have careers living off the government. Anyone who collects a government check to stay home, should be required to put in so many hours in places where help is needed.

Schools, parks, nursing homes, hospitals, government buildings…why don’t welfare receipients have to work? Keeping the Blacks of America, like those in Africa dumbed down and stupid, is the reason corruption has lasted as long as it has. Looking at the outside has made winners of so many, but when people start taking the time to look at the inside, there will be politicians who will hang their heads in shame.

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Obama…made a fool out of most Americans and himself, but no one cared.

Stop the Tape! Obama Attacks America

Obama, the leader who wasn’t…complains to Africans about Trump??? Obama don’t work plan and let the government pay???

Hillary Clinton’s a TRAITOR, Obama’s a BIGGER TRAITOR whistle-blower UNCOVERS

Hillary Clinton’s a TRAITOR, Obama’s a BIGGER TRAITOR whistle-blower UNCOVERS Thank you for watching, The crimes from the highest levels in government is the main reason Donald Trump is having to start all over. To many politicians bought out by the almighty dollar are leaving Washington or being fired. The Trump “Drain the Swamp” is given Americans more transparency than they’ve had in decades.



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