“UNEXPECTEDLY”: MSNBC Hides Bizarre Democratic Sex Scandal….

via newsbusters:

MSNBC hosts used to be fascinated with [Katie] Hill. This year alone, she appeared on MTP Daily with Chuck Todd (January 21), The 11th Hour with Brian Williams (February 5), Hardball with Chris Matthews (May 14), and All In with Chris Hayes (May 22). Suddenly, however, MSNBC journalists seem to have lost interest.

Last summer, while filling in for MTP Daily host Chuck Todd, MSNBC’s Chris Jansing promoted a website called “Swing Left,” designed to help “connect Democrats who live in…blue districts with nearby purple districts where they can make a difference and try to flip control of the House.” Jansing actually went to a canvassing event for Hill in California’s 25th Congressional District; where she spoke to volunteers working on behalf of the then-Congressional candidate. An excited Jansing celebrated the fact that Hill received a check for $164,297.14 during the course of her report.

While CNN’s on-air talent also came across as fangirls for Hill, at least they had the integrity to report on the scandal. It looks like when it comes to scandals involving Democrats, for MSNBC, silence is golden.

Just think of NBC as Democratic Party operatives with Chyrons, and it all makes sense.


Earlier: Katie Hill’s scandal is catnip for the London Daily Mail.

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UPDATE: CNN, MSNBC largely ignore Dem Rep. Katie Hill during prime time, 2 nights in a row.


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