United Airlines Offers $80K+ for Customer Service Reps

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I worked for United, for 5 years. This position was $13/hour to start, and then you capped out at $25-$30/hour…AFTER 10 YEARS.

However, due to mandates (and the lies about canceled flights), pilots and flight attendants being fired for not being vaxxed, etc., the airlines are struggling. The solution? PAY ME! Wait, there is a catch. Here is the job link and “disclosure.” “JABS FOR DOLLARS”


“United Airlines has always shown an unbending commitment to the safety for our employees and our customers; it’s a part of our core values. As such, we have implemented a new vaccination policy designed to keep our workforce and customers safe. As a condition of your employment at United, all new hires are required to provide documentation of a completed COVID-19 vaccination record. All existing employees already have this requirement. New hires will not be allowed to start at United Airlines without proof of vaccination, meaning a candidate must be fully vaccinated by the start of their employment (two doses of a two dose vaccine, one of a single dose vaccine).”

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